Burger King Envisions a Shinier, Touchscreenier New Future


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Oooh, shiny! In a massive effort to overhaul its 12,000 locations worldwide, Burger King announced a new design scheme that'll cost its franchisees $300,000 to $600,000 per restaurant (franchise owners are contractually obligated to update their restaurants after a set period of time). Wretched PR speak in the AP article tells us: "The sleek interior will include rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls." What we see in the photos: exposed "brick" to give it that hip urban feel, durable yet uncomfortable metal chairs, and super-chunky futuristic touchscreens featuring games like "Word Dojo" that will invariably be either broken or covered in burger slime. The future today!


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  1. kendra

    In the future there are holograms, not touchscreens.

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