Dead Celebrities of 2009 Cupcakes


Photo: Cassie Murdoch

Brooklyn baker Cassie Murdoch whipped up these morbidly delicious cupcakes for a friend's birthday and sent us the photo.

We imagine crazy fighting ensued over who got to eat Bea Arthur. Who's missing, besides Gourmet?


(Have you made something awesome? Let us know.)

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  1. Helen

    Lou Albano! He was freakin' Super Mario!

  2. Paula

    Wow, you don't realize how many celebrities died this summer until you see it in cupcake form.

  3. Patrick

    I like that Bea Arthur, John Updike and John Hughes are doing their best to shield the other dead celebrities from DJ AM.

  4. Anna

    Wow! That's quite the selection!

  5. Helen

    If you scroll up and down real fast it looks like the cupcakes are dancing.

  6. Lillian

    William Safire!

  7. I'd eat that John Updike cupcake right up!

  8. Eddie

    Funny, they always say that deaths come in 3's and there are exactly 24 cupcakes. LOL weird indeed, we should wait until the end of the year to see if this holds true.

  9. Paula

    Oh, also: Sheila Lukins!

  10. Tim

    Where's the Harry Kalas cupcake?

  11. Chef Pete

    Soupy Sales:Comedian
    Captain Lou Albano: Wrestler
    Gidget: The Taco Bell Dog

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