Department of Inevitabilities: 'Ad Hoc At Home' and 'Momofuku At Home'

adhoc-at-homeWe're not really surprised to discover that a cook-your-way-through-a-cookbook blog "Ad Hoc At Home" already exists — with clearance from the publisher and everything! But someone is already squatting on "Momofuku At Home" on blogspot.

The former's written by an anonymous dude in Lehigh, PA, and we're guessing Mister Momo at Home is a blogger by the name of Bob DelGrosso, judging by the site's outbound links. NB to everyone with cookbooks and an internet connection, and with apologies to Carol and Ryan: this schtick is starting to get old.

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  1. Jamie P

    Shouldn't it be "'Ad Hoc at Home' at Home"?

  2. DBSweeney

    Then I'll start a blog in which I cook everything from that blog and I'll call it '"'Ad Hot at Home' at Home" at Home'

  3. It's all Julie Powell's fault!

  4. Not sure I'd assume the "Momofuku at Home" is the work of Bob Del Grosso just because his blog is an outbound link from the site (so are Ruhlman and Chris Cosentino's Offal Good and I don't think it's them either). In addition to being "a blogger," Del Grosso is also a CIA instructor who was prominently featured in Ruhlman's "Making of a Chef" and general food bad-ass.

  5. Hahaha, I don't think I'll be working through another cookbook to be honest. I've got another idea that I'm playing with that will hopefully be just as much fun as my current project.

  6. ChrisD

    I can confirm Bob DelGrosso does not have MomofukuAtHome, although I am a fan of his website.

    I'll fess up now and claim the MomofukuAtHome website as well as squatting on Blogger/Typepad with the name). I havn't decided which platform to use yet. This has been in the works for 3 months after following Ryan and Carol Blymire's blog.

    Don't blame Julie Powell, i actually only heard of her and the movie after initial chats with Ryan.

  7. I was attempting to write something witty about a blog called Eat Me Daily At Home, and there it just wrote itself.

  8. And I confess to the Ad Hoc at Home blog. I became an Ad Hoc addict after eating at the restaurant this summer - once I heard the book was out, I wanted to try it all. This project is as much about the book, the author, and the recipes as it is about my need for re-inspiration in the kitchen. I am very much looking forward to seeing the project through until the end... Join me:

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