Domo Invades 7-Eleven Stores


Photographs: Eat Me Daily

Domo, the Japanese stop-action character and meme celebrity, is appearing this fall in an elaborate 7-Eleven storewide promotion, and his toothy brown face is plastered on everything imaginable. Tons of signage of all over, collectible Slurpee cups (and Domo's own custom flavor, Fuji Frost), character straws, coffee cups, and some truly inventive and funny packaging design for the hot dog containers. There's even Domo schwag like hats, t-shirts, and books. Evan Brody, the marketing manager for Slurpee, told Brandweek that 7-Eleven's consumers "love crazy Japanese shit."

Part of the Domo mini-site includes webisodes (embedded below) featuring Domo's quest for a Slurpee and how he gets a brain freeze in the process. See more photos of the Domo takeover:


Photograph: Eat Me Daily



Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily


Photograph: Eat Me Daily

Video: Domo Webisode Part 1

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Joel

    this is totally awesome!!! I cant wait till the 7 Eleven's here in El Paso get the stuff!! AAHH!!

    it's freaking awesome!

  2. I love Domo! I picked up a plush keychain from 7-11 yesterday already. He's at Target too. How exciting . .

  3. jonathan


  4. First Target and now 7-Eleven. Domo has gone mainstream America! I love the quote from the slurpee marketing manager.

  5. Mary

    My husband and I think DOMO is cool. He is so cute. Can't wait to see the other products that will be coming out.

  6. Kevin

    I can't stand those Domo commercials on the radio. They might be cute for teenage girls but they are obnoxious to normally adjusted adults, who are the people buying their coffee. I hate the commercials so much that I go out of my way to avoid their coffee.

  7. Dan

    Why wouldn't 7-Eleven push a Japan toy character they are owned by a Japan company.

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