Eat Me Daily: One Year Old!


October 11, 2008 was when this little website got started, so it's official! Eat Me Daily has been publishing for a full year now. A minor achievement in and of itself, but hopefully we've kept up with the original mission statement. So here we are, over four million pageviews later. This whole enterprise couldn't be done without the incredible efforts put forth by our contributors and editors. So high-five and a mighty thanks to them. Also thanks to our readers, our tipsters, our advisers, and all the websites that generously link to us. Thanks everybody!



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  1. Congratulations! Forgot how I found your site about a month ago but it's one of my fav food blogs.

  2. James C

    Kickin ass and taking names

  3. dav

    Congrats, I'm glad to have stumble upon it...

  4. Maureen

    bling bling!

  5. Happy Birthday EMD from the UK. Keep on eating.

  6. maxpickles

    Happy Birthday! So glad your were "born".

  7. 1 year already? That's awesome. Btw...the site is looking great.

  8. Moira

    Me, I just love telling other people the name of my favorite web site. Especially when I don't elaborate.

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