Food 52 Accepts Chris Kimball's Challenge

kimball-internetsThe public has spoken, and the public wants a food fight: by popular demand, Food52 has decided to accept Chris "Broccoli Casserole" Kimball's challenge to engage in a recipe death match. The format and rules have yet to be agreed upon, and will be announced in November.

Meanwhile, Kimball continues to stick his foot in his mouth: Willamette Week, a weekly out of Portland, Oregon, has an interview with the bow-tied recipe editor. In between declaring his love for Le Bernardin and recommending knife sharpeners, Kimball declares the following regarding his foe, the wiki-style recipe website: "I didn’t think it would work because everybody’s kitchen is different. You need a more regimented approach to testing, and then ultimately it’s about what people do with the recipes when they go back to their kitchen."

Correct us if we're wrong, but this seems to be an argument for wiki-tested recipes. The benefit to having multiple users comment on a recipe is that every one has a different kitchen, at a different altitude, with different humidity, different ovens, different grocery store brands of canned tomatoes. The difference seems to be that Kimball is hell-bent on having a single recipe work for everyone, whereas the wiki model is content with having multiple what-if versions of every recipe. In a couple of months, we'll have definitive evidence supporting one side or the other, and in the meantime, we're excited to watch this food fight play out.

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Moira

    Dear Paula -

    Why is Kimball's nickname "Broccoli Casserole"? While he is very particular about ingredients and methods, his magazines and shows are heavy on desserts and meats, but not so much the vegetable dishes.

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