Gordon Ramsay as the Terminator in Radio Times Magazine


In an interview with the Radio Times, Gordon Ramsay said that he took Simon Cowell's advice and had the lines of his chin filled in, but what stood out in this story about it in the Daily Mail was the cover of Radio Times, featuring Ramsay made up to look like a Terminator cyborg who's had half his face ripped off.

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  1. James C

    Are they suggesting that Ramsay is set out to destroy humanity?

  2. Emily

    he's from the future?

  3. 10001

    He makes dogs violently angry?

  4. John Talks

    "Come with me if you want to live"

  5. dav

    "Down! Get down!"

  6. dav

    or..."bon appetit, baby"

  7. dav

    "Where is Rachel Ray", "She is to be Terminated"

  8. Lenny

    I'll be back, and fix you a snack...

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