Gordon Ramsay's Sexy New Appliances from Argos


Photos via Telegraph

Gordon Ramsay's new line of appliances by Argos are just so damned sexy: rugged, handsome, brushed stainless steel. Maybe it's the well-executed product photography that's deceiving us, but they look heavy. And expensive.

And that's because they are! At £89.99 (~$143) for the sandwich griddle. £149.99 (~$238) for the mini oven, £199.99 (~$317) for the food processor, and £319.99 (~$508) for the stand mixer, the price alone gives the illusion that this is serious gear, not Fisher-Price kind of stuff. Ramsay, not the kind of man that minces words, told The Telegraph as much: “It's not just a case of me sticking a label on it. This range has been used and abused and tried and tested in our professional kitchens. It’s about durability and longevity." Goes on sale in the UK later this month.





Photos via argos.co.uk


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  1. David

    re-branded cuisinart equipment

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