Guy Fieri Has Fifteen Impersonators Across the Country

guy-fieir-impostorsIn a lengthy and wide-ranging interview (MP3) with BJ Shea of 99.9FM KISW in Seattle, Guy Fieri talks about how great it was to parodied on Saturday Night Live, gives more details on his upcoming road show, and talks about the bra-throwing incident. When asked how he felt that that someone was running around impersonating him, Fieri revealed that he's aware of not one, not two, but fifteen impersonators, including one in Las Vegas that tried to get a casino to front him gambling money:

I don't have any difficulty with anybody doing it — because I mean, come on, the greatest form of flattery you can get is imitation — just gotta be nice about it. We don't like to get emails back, people saying, oh yeah, he didn't want to sign autographs... It's trying to get free stuff. We've got about fifteen of em... There's one down in Vegas that tried to get a marker on my name. Here's the thing: I don't care... If you want to subject yourself to this kind of hairdo, look, rock it out bro. I just don't like it to be in a negative connotation... But if you ever meet me, you realize I'd take a picture, sign anything you want, say hello, do whatever...

We also learned that somebody is twittering as Guy Fieri's colon. Funny in concept, but not in execution (it's just mean-spirited). [via Fans of Guy Fieri]

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