Hell's Kitchen Season Six Winner: Dave Levey


Last night was the Hell's Kitchen season six finale, and the winner was Dave Levey (originally from Chester, New Jersey, living in San Diego, California). The prize: a one-year position of "head chef" at the Araxi restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia. The celebrated locavore restaurant is close to Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics that start February 12, 2010, so it's kind of a big deal. The restaurant's executive chef, James Walt told the Brandon Sun that he was "alarmed by some of the more inexperienced prospects that were competing to join his kitchen" but that Levey gets no instant position: he'll be rotating through the Araxi kitchen's various work stations first.

Levey's win was notable because in episode three during a punishment for losing a challenge, he somehow managed to fracture his wrist while cleaning a fire engine. For the rest of the season, Levey was in pain and wore a cast that made his left arm immobile, so being able to outcook sixteen other contestants with a broken wrist should be considered a feat. Highlights from the finale include:


  • Two unfortunate mentions of Gourmet magazine: Colman Andrews, now ex-restaurant columnist of Gourmet, was a judge in a challenge; and Robert complimenting Kevin's dishes by saying that "every one of his plates would be on the cover of Gourmet magazine." Doh.
  • The unmentioned elimination of the restaurant design segment that's appeared in every season finale so far. Guess Fox is cutting back?
  • And something Hell's Kitchen has never shown: The outtakes during the credits that revealed a more jovial cast during filming and Gordon Ramsay practicing the line "You ain't nobody's bitch":

Video: Hell's Kitchen Season Six Outtakes

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Video: Hell's Kitchen Season Six Outtakes (Hulu)

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  1. Shannon

    Thanks for spoiling this! : ( Not everyone can watch things when they air, that's why there's DVR and hulu you know. I subscribe to this site through google reader and you could have included a link to the story about the winner instead of just blurting it out in the title.

  2. Ivy

    Why the hell did you name the winner in the title of the article? I use my RSS feed to see your stories. The reason why I don't add TV blogs to my RSS is because of this very problem. Now I need to include this one too.

  3. Eat Me Daily

    Sorry, we adhere by Vulture's Spoiler Statutes of Limitations -- if you are invested in a television show, it is your responsibility to either watch the show when it airs (or soon thereafter) or completely avoid any blogs that very well may report on the results.

  4. Ivy

    Sorry I have to disagree. In your About you describe your site:
    "Eat Me Daily is a website / blog about food with a critical (and sometimes cynical) take on the culture at large, including media, books, cookbooks, art, design, celebrity, fashion, robots, and cookery."

    This makes your blog NOT a TV show blog - as I said I don't add TV blogs to my rss feed for just that reason.

    But what's done is done and let's face it it's just a f*cken TV show (and not that good to begin with :)

    Ciao and thanks for the reply

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