How To Make the McNuggetini [video]

mcnuggetiniIn case you were wondering how to make a McNuggetini — the legendary drink that combines a McDonald's chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka, poured into a barbecue sauce-rimmed martini glass, with a McNugget for garnish — here's a how-to video from its creators, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark.

The McNuggetini: "the drink that combines dinner, dessert, and booze, in one chalice of multitasking." A little long at four-plus minutes, it's funny when they gag after taking the first sip.

Recipe: McNuggetini (according to the video)

serves two
1 Large McDonald's Chocolate Milkshake
1/2 Bottle Absolut Vanilla
2 Chicken McNuggets (for garnish)
2 packets McDonald's Barbecue Sauce (for rimming the martini glasses)

Video: How To Make the McNuggetini

[via HuffPo]

—Raphael Brion

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  1. I understand the how. What I don't get is the why... As in "Why, God, why, in your infinite benevolence, did you allow this horrifying abomination to exist?"

  2. maxpickle

    Wonder if that would pair well with...milksteak?

  3. Johnson

    Those ladies are adventurous, and dare I say, a little hot!

  4. Jeddy

    While these ladies are hot and spiffy dressers, this is pretty gross. I was eating some chips when the video started, by the time it was over the mostly full bag was in the trash. I think I gained a couple pounds just watching this.

  5. Anna

    My favorite part is at 1:17 when she casually downs some straight vodka.

  6. Bob

    We will see a dramatic increase in female alcoholism in the next few years thanks to crap like this.
    This is a shameless ploy to encourage women to drink excessively.
    Shame on you Absolut and shame on you Alie and Georgia.

    Given that this is actually an ad spot for Absolut vodka double shame on you guys!

    • Bob - I got in touch with Georgia Hardstark (the one on the right in the video) and she confirmed that the video was not sponsored or paid for in any way by either Absolut or McDonald's. Just FYI.

  7. Does no one realize that this is meant to be funny? It is funny people, not real. damn.....

    • Bob

      Drinking a half bottle of vodka between two young ladies is not funny.
      It's everything that gives good spirits a bad name.

  8. red-bull

    The best part is that when you drink enough of these, you won't even care what's in it!

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