Linksplodge 10/09/09


Photo: Reg Speller/Getty Images

  • Serious Eats: The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs
  • Chris Kimball isn't done riling up the blogosphere: After his New York Times op-ed piece in which he blamed the internet for the downfall of Gourmet, calling bloggers a "ship of fools," Chris Kimball follows up on his own blog, with the intent to "make a few things a wee bit clearer." He says that "the unfiltered voices of millions" of commenters and bloggers remind him of "the legion of radio talk shows where the listeners are almost universally polemical and uniquely uninformed." The first rule of ditches: find yourself in one, stop digging.
  • A review of Gordon Ramsay's video game: "I played for an hour, hoping to get to a level where I got myself a TV show, a book deal, or at the very least a date with the hot pastry chef who must be hidden away in the basement like they usually are in posh restaurants. Anything to get me out of that kitchen and that endless chop, chop, chopping. Damn, is it really this boring being a chef?"
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's Breakfast: he uploaded this photo to


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