Linksplodge 10/12/09


  • Above, vintage deviled egg plate. $10 on Etsy. Update: it's sold!
  • Worth reading: The interviews with chefs at the NYWFF Eater Lounge.
  • A piece in the Times UK on German food writer Jörg Zipprick's criticism of Ferran Adria, saying that "menus should carry health warnings informing diners of the additives in the dishes." [via Eater]
  • Related: Oliver Thring eats at El Bulli: "People tie themselves in irrelevant knots debating whether El Bulli counts as art or craft. It's both, of course: and science, and more. Its unworldliness provides encouragement and distance necessary to ask fundamental questions about the act of eating."
  • Schrambling, on Gourmet.
  • From the French Culinary Institute's Cooking Issues blog: Everything you ever wanted to know about Transglutaminase, aka Meat Glue.



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  1. Thanks for consistently showing Etsy some love.

  2. Tom Colicchio was on Hoda and Kathy Lee this AM cooking cod pieces mended together with meat glue. He tried to describe it succinctly, but it didn't translate. Nice to see mention of an article about it.

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