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  1. Ellen

    Methinks that Gross, the fellow who wrote the article about pick-your-own apples being a wasteful scam, is a pale pasty cubical rat who hates to go outside. He's clearly NOT a parent.

    Newsflash: we don't all have apple trees, or even yards in which to plant them. Of course you can find better deals on apples, which may or may not be as good as the ones you pick yourself. The point is more than just getting the apples, the point is the outing. You get out in the countryside and you bring friends or family and you have a good time. If you have to pick produce day after day while living in poverty, it is a horrible thing to do. But if you aren't in those circumstances, if you make your living some other way, it is quite a pleasant and satisfying thing to do. And it's a grand outing to make with young children. Once we do get home, many of us DO make apples and cobblers and share them with friends. Some of us social like that. I don't ever recall going to pick apples in order to save money. I have always gone as a social event, and to enjoy the season, not unlike Japanese tourists who make a pilgrimage to Matsushima to view the foliage.

    I have gone to pick-your-own farms for raspberries and blueberries because there is a savings, because I love to make blueberry pies. And because everyone should have the opportunity to stuff themselves so full of raspberries that they can't move, at least once in their lives and there's no way to afford it at store prices. My son likes to stuff himself with raspberries as often as he can. And when you bring tiny tots to pick berries, they eat more than they put in the pail. The farmers know this and often have a "sin jar" where you can throw in a buck or two to make up for some of the berries you eat while you pick.

    Yeah, the products of big agriculture are often very cheap at the supermarket. But there are other costs. I, for one, would like to see as many small farmers as possible survive. This pick-your-own strategy strikes me as wonderful for all involved. For many people, it is as close as they will ever get to the production of their own food. I can't imagine how anyone could consider it a scam. And even if it was, who is Gross to throw stones? The growers are, at least, producing something tangible, and something of value. That's more than he can say!

  2. Ellen

    correction on my previous post:

    ... many of us do make apple PIES and cobblers...

  3. Just wanted to say how beautiful the ice cream container design was, nice to see something a bit different might turn up in the freezer cabinets.

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