Linksplodge 10/29/09


  • PopEater has an amazing interview with Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays The Most Interesting Man In the World. On the "mixed nuts" commercial:

    I used my own son and it was the one about: 'See those nuts? They are designed to make you thirsty.' I made believe I was talking to my own son and giving him advice that would change his life. As if it was the most important thing that I could possibly leave to my son. The legacy of the nuts.

    Also, he loves being recognized, he lives on a sailboat, and fans send him cigars.

  • Eater NY on Zagat's epic mobile site Twitter integration fail: it just uses the restaurant's name as a keyword to display tweets that aren't relevant at all.
  • Urlesque on Philadelphia Phillies fans finding perverse inspiration in the power of the Taco Bell Black Jack Taco. They're calling it the "Black Taco Meme."
  • Gordon Ramsay tells The Sun he's going to stop making Kitchen Nightmares because "If the restaurants succeed, there's no praise. If they're screwed, we're blamed and get lawyers' letters." [via Eater]
  • Gael Green leaks word of Josh Ozerksy's plans: he'll blog for ", start a streaming video network with Eater’s Ben Leventhal, and is in talks with Tim and Nina Zagat about finding a niche in their empire for his rants and crushes."


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