'Make Something Cool Everyday' by Brock Davis [food art]


Brock Davis. Clockwise from top left: "Grand Prix Gold Milk Jug," "Partially Eaten Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Award," "Community Service," "Cup Lid Faces." Photos by permission.

The Minneapolis-based artist and designer Brock Davis uploads a new piece of artwork — encompassing illustration, sculpture, and photography — every day to his Flickr set as part of his affiliation to the photo group "Make Something Cool Everyday." Although Davis doesn't exclusively use food as a medium or subject, he's inclined to say that he's inspired by his immediate surroundings — whether it be a banana peel or a Converse sneaker. Recently Davis took the time to answer a few questions about his thoughts on the project:


Brock Davis: "ahh-choo!," June 11, 2009. Photos by permission.

EMD: Why? How did it start?

Brock Davis: My friend Olly started Make Something Cool Every Day as a group on Flickr at the beginning of 2009. He invited me and many other designers and artists to participate. The idea is to make something creative every single day and upload it to the group. I'm always up for a challenge and I felt that this could be a good way to keep my brain fresh and at the very least, exercised throughout the year. So I uploaded my first piece on January 1st and I have continued to do so every day since then, without missing a day. My goal is to make it through to December 31st.

EMD: Is this a personal project? Something more?

Brock Davis: It is inherently a very personal project and has inevitably evolved to something more. It's certainly a unique way to document a year. It's interesting to me how a project like this exposes all of your sides. With this much quantity, a person can look at the work and get a good sense of who I am and what I'm about creatively. Everything is put on display, strengths, weaknesses, consistencies, and influences. Maybe that's a bad thing, but I don't think so. Overall it's been a humbling project so far. I realize how much I still need to learn but it's also helped me realize what I know. I've learned to see the creative potential behind all the little things that we forget about. The objects around the house. The objects around the yard. The objects around town. I've become more observant.


Brock Davis: "Cup Lid Faces," July 7, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Grand Prix Gold Milk Jug," February 24, 2009. Photos by permission.

Partially-Eaten-Turkey-Sandwich-on-Wheat-Award 02.23.09

Brock Davis: "Partially Eaten Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Award," February 23, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "The Prestigious 12th Egg Award," February 25, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Carrot," August 24, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Completely Unintentional Egg Face," July 20, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Bert and Ernie make out while Cookie Monster watches," March 1, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Kermit the Frog about to walk across Hot Coals," March 3, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Papa Smurf gets angry turns into the Hulk," March 4, 2009. Photos by permission.

The Blue Man Group carving a pumpkin 03.02.09

Brock Davis: "Blue Man Group Carving a Pumpkin," March 2, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "How to Fry an Egg," August 9, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Knife Block Wrapped in Yarn," February 1, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Untitled," June 19, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "A Knife Block on Elm Street," May 31, 2009. Photos by permission.


Brock Davis: "Community Service," June 2, 2009. Photos by permission.

Coincidence or not some of Brocks work is featured in the new book Papercraft: Design and Art With Paper (Amazon) — the cover was designed by Sarah Illenberger, an artist whose work we also recently featured, go figure.

-Michelle Mettler

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