Milk Steak on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


From the latest It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Out on a blind date, Charlie Kelly orders "the milk steak, boiled over-hard, and a side of your finest jelly beans, raw." (Charlie in the past has abused inhalants such as glue and spray paint.) As to what exactly "milk steak" is, we'd postulate a steak, poached in milk?

Update: Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis on Sunny, tweeted that part of the dating profile scene was cut that had an explanation and recipe:

"It's a steak boiled in milk and honey". I don't know why we cut that. Pacing I think. Anyway that's what a milksteak is.

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. Carlos Diaz

    I believe milk steak is Steak in a milk gravy, think chicken friend steak minus the chicken friend batter.

  2. bob

    i believe it's more of a curdled milk solid dish

  3. Josh

    I believe we need to come up with a recipe that can be distributed in a steel can, and perhaps dethrone Spam as the most inedible shelf stable item...

  4. Benny

    Milk steak is chopped up steak fried in flower/egg and LARD cooked in milk etc. Usually slopped in gravy on top of all that.
    Never tried it, sounds terrible.

  5. cara

    according to Glenn Howerton (Dennis)'s twitter:

    @Glenn_Howerton Charlie responds: "It's a steak boiled in milk and honey". I don't know why we cut that. Pacing I think. Anyway that's what a milksteak is.

    @Glenn_Howerton Lotta u guys asking what is "milksteak"? We actually cut an exchange in the D,M,C dating profile sc. where M asks C, "What is a milksteak!?"

  6. Milk steak sounds great. Magnets, just magnets.

  7. Franny The Fork

    Hey,Hey, Hey. It you don't like Milk steak, that's one issue. However, please do not put down such gourmet food as SPAM. It comes in four different flavors now. It can be sliced thin or thick or chopped. It can be prepared with with many other dishes.



  8. Monkeylint

    I'm glad they left it out. A surreal bit of comedy like Charlie's milksteak obsession plays better undefined.

  9. Chris

    Monkeylint, you're right on. Knowing Charlie and not knowing what exactly a milksteak is makes it all the more disgusting. This episode had a slightly slow start, but once it got going I did not stop laughing. Definitely the best of this season so far.

  10. Jeff

    It's funnier without an explanation

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