MooBella On-Demand Ice Cream Vending Machines [the future is now]

moo-bella-ice-cream-vending-machineGet out of my dreams and into my car: MooBellla is a fully-automated touch-screen controlled kiosk that makes ice cream on demand. Bringing together twelve different flavors, three different mixes, and two different ice cream types (premium and light), it allows for up to 96 different varieties. Make your selection, and 45 seconds later, you have fresh ice cream created on the spot. Bonus points because one of the ice cream flavors is cake batter.

The product itself is a little scary since it's shelf-stable and doesn't require refrigeration, but the technology behind it that "aerates, flavors, and flash freezes the ingredients" is undoubtedly a thing of the future.

The Boston Globe wrote about a test run in North Eastern University and detauled MooBella's plans to roll out 100 machines across New England, including "colleges, hospitals, museums, aquariums, and zoos." MooBellla machines are nothing new, the've been spotted at trade shows and test markets since 2006, but it looks like they're ready to make a serious push, especially after landing an extra $18 million in funding.

Definitely check out the overly enthusiastic promotional video that cycles through inventions including everything from the horseless carriage to the moon landing to email, ending with MooBella, positing that "Innovation is about to change ice cream forever," as if it's the ultimate achievement of science of civilization.

Video: MooBella at MIT

Video: Boston Globe Report on MooBella

Video: MooBella Promotional Video

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  1. Michael

    They had one of these at Boston University about two years ago and I used to eat it often. It was delicious and you never had to wait. Plus, it kinda thrilled me to watch it being

  2. Ellen

    Shelf-stable batter? Yuck.

    I'm sure this will find a market. There are plenty of folks who prefer Chips Ahoy cookies to real cookies, who'd rather eat brownies from a mix than made from scratch. So here's another product for the naugahyde-palate demographic, the folks who think cooking is trying to deconstruct some crap from T.G.I.Fridays.

    /me shudders.

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