Mr. T Uses Hidden Cameras to Correct Rudeness in Bizarre Snickers Commercials [videos]


There's a new Snickers campaign in the UK featuring Mr. T in which the A-Team star implores British youth to quit being so rude and "get some nuts." In the commercials, "Mr. T CTV" cameras film teenagers being obnoxious in a variety of ways, who are then admonished over loudspeaker by Mr. T, hidden in a bunker somewhere. A commentary on the Big Brother-ish modern-day English CCTV police state, the connection to the actual Snickers candy bar is tenuous at best, the only link being the "Get Some Nuts" tagline.

There's also a contest in which you can submit videos of people being "fools." The biggest fool gets £1000, which seems sort of against Mr. T's whole politeness campaign. Then again, the whole thing is pretty ridiculous, including Mr. T's awesome Snickers ammo belt.

Street Fool

Park Punk

Bus Stop Bonehead

[via animal]

—Paula Forbes

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