New Apples for New Yorkers


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It's fall, and in the food world, that means apples; if you're in New York, it means two new kinds of apple. Cornell University has developed two new varieties and will be offered exclusively to New York farmers. While Cornell is keeping details about the apples secret at the moment (mystery apples!), information will be released to the New York farming community later this fall.

We do know that the apples have been "tailored to New York's growing conditions" and that New York Apple Growers, LLC, a group formed to promote and sell the apples, intends to market them heavily in order to provide incentive for growers to plant the trees. The new varieties will be ready for planting in 2012, and will begin producing fruit a few years after that. Watch out for new apples in about 2015!

—Paula Forbes

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  1. We've tried the new apple NY674 at the Cornell Orchards (now re-named "Autumn Crisp"), which was developed specifically to resist browning when sliced. Tasty, robust baking apple, nice in salads as well.

    We visited the Cornell Orchards for our podcast, and you can learn more about it here:

    Happy Apple Harvest!

  2. I wish I could try those new apples. I love all the varieties out there and given any chance to sample an apple I've never tried I will.

    Thanks for the link to your podcast, Dave. I'm checking it out.

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