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The Daily News launched three new food blogs today including Full Plate, written by Brooke Parkhurst, who describes the blog as a "Carrie Bradshaw-cum-June Cleaver style diary with a nod to Bridget Jones." Parkhurst is the author of Belle in the Big Apple: A Novel with Recipes (that the Daily News calls "Belle in the Big City") and the upcoming Just Married and Cooking that she's writing with her husband, James Briscione.

James is a Chef Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, and together they teach couples' cooking classes there, including Couples: Casual Entertaining (Cooking for the Big Game with Class) ($240) and Couples: Cocktail Party ($240). James Briscione, incidentally, was also a contestant on Food Network's Chopped, in which he won season 1, episode nine "Mac & Cheese, Cola, Bacon," was later re-invited to the Chopped Champions round where he won again only to be defeated by Einat Admony of the restaurant Taim in the following episode.

They're like some NYC food power couple or something! (Well, except that ICE is a b-grade school, the Daily News is a b-grade newspaper, and Chopped is a b-grade food reality show... But it's a start!) Of course both James and Brooke have their own blogs. A sample from Brooke's: "25 year-old chef’s assistant drooling over him. Do I want to wring her neck? Pat husband proprietarily on ass? Decide to do neither; have baby at home and must feign maturity. Finish prep work."

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  1. Eric X

    It's like that old saw about New Yorker cartoons: "Christ, what an asshole."

  2. FCI Chef

    Some might argue that ICE is a tier C school. Couple's Cooking classes knock it down to a D. Or worse.

  3. ollie, switzerland

    here in europe's culinary scene the two wouldn't stand a chance!

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