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Prints by Working Woman on Etsy

We're liking the "Kitchen Art" series of colored pencil and watercolor prints by Working Woman on Etsy, pieces "originally done as illustrations for food columns in a daily newspaper." Above: "Sliced Cucumbers" and "Cookie Monster," both $35.00. Some more of our favorites:

Cookbook Review: Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan: The Hype, Justified

Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
I held my breath when I heard there was going to be a Momofuku cookbook. Restaurant cookbooks are always a tricky proposition, a tenuous juggling act of self-praises. Inevitably, the chef, the restaurant's philosophy, the restaurant itself, and (often an afterthought) the food, are all forced on us as [...]

Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set

ThinkGeek's $59.99 Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set is a kit with "everything you need to get started in spherification, thickeners and foaming agents," which means all the necessary chemicals (such as agar, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, carrageenan, ascorbic acid, and citric acid) and equipment, including a syringe, pipettes, and silicon tubes. It's an inexpensive alternative to [...]

Minds+Machines Settles Online Food Fight with Wolfgang Puck

TLD consulting firm Mind+Machines has settled its $5 million lawsuit against restaurateur Wolfgang Puck and his wife Gelila, Domain Name Wire reports. Minds+Machines sued the Pucks in September over the failed .food domain deal, alleging that Wolfgang Puck had failed to promote .food and that Gelila Puck had become "forceful, abusive, and erratic."
The original lawsuit [...]

Linksplodge 10/28/09

Above: Betty Crocker's Dinner in a Dish cookbook from 1965. $6.00 on Etsy. Update: it's sold.
Surgeons in Rotterdam in the Netherlands discovered 78 different items of cutlery in a 52-year-old woman's stomach.
Meet the chefs and restaurateurs who are running the New York City Marathon. Giant wet wipes? TMI.
David Chang on the "figs on a plate" [...]

Turkey Totality: Thanksgiving Magazine Roundup Smackdown Spectacular

Photograph: Paula Forbes / Eat Me Daily
It's late October, which means the November issues of food magazines have hit the newsstands. It's a huge deal in American food media: Recipe testing begins in early summer and the competition to find new things to say about what is ultimately a very traditional meal is fierce (and [...]

Translate Foreign Menus With the Amazing iPhone PicTranslator [the future is now]

PicTranslator is an astonishing new iPhone app that turns the camera into a point-and-shoot translator. Take a photo and the app will automatically recognize text, translate it, and even read the text in the pictures out loud. It's like something out of the future! The app costs only 99 cents, and you can also purchase [...]

Gordon Ramsay as the Terminator in Radio Times Magazine

In an interview with the Radio Times, Gordon Ramsay said that he took Simon Cowell's advice and had the lines of his chin filled in, but what stood out in this story about it in the Daily Mail was the cover of Radio Times, featuring Ramsay made up to look like a Terminator cyborg who's [...]

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