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Just Desserts: Bravo's Top Chef Pastry Spinoff

Bravo announced a spin-off of Top Chef focusing on desserts only (this follows the announcement last Thursday of another season of Top Chef Masters). Amazingly, there's no fear of oversaturation — an exec told Variety that Bravo hopes to "have some sort of Top Chef presence on the network's schedule throughout the entire year." Judges [...]

Linksplodge 10/23/09

Above, lovely packaging design for Gelati Sky by Storm Design Brand DNA. See more at The Dieline.
Al Dente has a great, long interview with David Chang and Peter Meehan.
Soupy Sales: on throwing pies; with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.; and a somewhat cheesy biographical tribute set the to the song "Come Pie With Me."
Graphic [...]

Sandra Lee Has Had it With All You Haters

In a video interview with Walletpop promoting her upcoming appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Sandra Lee bizarrely goes out against store or generic brands, dispenses advice on chopped garlic, blah blah. And then, right at the end, she interrupts the interviewer and drops the hammer on all you haters out there, trying to make [...]

Offal of the Week: Fatback

Photograph: Ryan Adams
If it's Friday, it must be Offal of the Week! Brought to you by Ryan Adams, author of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, each week we highlight a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to work with, but were afraid to ask your butcher for. This week: Fatback.
I've [...]

Giant Tomato Vine Growing up the Sears/Willis Tower [video]

Here's a time-lapse video of a giant tomato plant growing on the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago in which the tomatoes turn into cans of Red Gold tomatoes. A sneaky viral non-commercial! It's worth checking out the larger HD version.

Video: The Windows 7 Whopper Is Real, Terrifying

The Windows 7 Whopper is real and not just an internet myth: CheapAssGamer went to a Burger King in Akihabara, Japan to try the Windows 7 Burger. One of them actually finishes it, saying, "I'm just glad it wasn't Windows 95."

Linksplodge 10/22/09

Above, 1960s Dr. Pepper bottle cap. From the Soda Pop! set by Roadsidepictures.
Alain Ducasse was featured on Nightline last night.
The Moment on the Sichuan restaurant Xiao La Jiao in Queens that reworks french fries: They're "straight from the Ore-Ida freezer bag... then sautéed in chili oil; dusted with cumin, Sichuan peppercorn and other “secret China [...]

Sous Vide for the Masses: The SousVide Supreme

Now you can finally get your molecular gastronomy on — at home — with the SousVide Supreme, the self-proclaimed "World's Finest Water Oven." You'll still need to get a vacuum sealer, but at a "special introductory" price of $399, it's a more affordable option instead of thermal circulators that normally start at around $1000, and [...]

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