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Cookbook Review: Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home: Deliberately Eating Together

Photographs: Paula Forbes / Eat Me Daily
Thomas Keller's cookbooks are not known for being accessible. Gorgeous, inspirational, even heavy — but accessible? Doable? Replicable? Not exactly. The French Laundry Cookbook, Bouchon, and especially Under Pressure have all been criticized for being too complicated for home cooks, and while I am a firm believer that sophisticated, [...]

Creepy Chinese Food Safety Ads

View larger. Photo via
These food safety ads from the Beijing Women & Children's Development Foundation are nicely executed but super-creepy: Kids enjoying themselves in playgrounds built out of giant food, etc. But on closer inspection, the pizza slices are topped with shards of glass, the hamburger is a scorpion-burger, sushi is infested with bugs, [...]

AM Linksplodge 10/21/09

Above, Dezeen has photos of Karamel Sans, a typeface made by pouring liquid caramel onto glass.
If people with undergrad theater degrees breaking out into song is your thing, well here you go: Grocery Store Musical by Improv Everywhere [via Laughing Squid]
The wine industry in Australia partially blames a negative public image of chardonnay on the [...]

Colbert Tips His Hat to and Wags His Finger at Crispy Cones

Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to Crispy Cones, a portable, microwavable, and edible cone with varieties like bacon egg and cheese, caramelized apple, and pepperoni pizza. Regular, flat pizza is just so very hard to eat. But there's a problem with what he calls the "greatest food in the world." Wagging his finger: "These devil [...]

1969 IHOP Commercial

This commercial for IHOP from 1969 nails the period down: Psychedelic synthesizers, a family with balloons (a lot of balloons) running in a field, a high-pitched Alvin voice singing the jingle... What did they do with their balloons while they ate? Where can one find such a glorious chicken dish? What was served inside that [...]

Linksplodge 10/20/09


Above, The New Yorker's Cartoon Lounge blog responds to the announcement of Twitter wine by imagining Skype Milk and Flickr Chedd’r, that meets "people’s basic food needs, but in a more community-ish, wiki sort of way." They "dump an enormous brick of cheese in the middle of town, and then it’s up to you... [...]

The Future of Print: The Rival Predictions of Ruth Reichl and Regina Schrambling

As the world of the printed page shifts around us, two warring camps have sprung up: those direly predicting the end of print, and those who think it'll pull through, cockroach-like, in spite of it all. When it comes to food, we're taking it upon ourselves to anoint figureheads. In a an interview Sunday with [...]

RoboBees! Harvard to Create Robotic Bees

Photographs via
The National Science Foundation has awarded $10 million to Harvard researchers to create a coordinated colony of robotic bees, a project they're calling Robobees. While they won't be stinging anyone or making honey just yet, the aim of the project is to research and develop technology for "body, brain, and colony." Meaning miniature [...]

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