Part Two of The Colbert Report Competitive Eating Report, 'Eating the Distance' [video]


Last night The Colbert Report ran part two of "A Sport Report Special Report: Eating the Distance," a profile of competitive eater Brad Sciullo (see part one). It documented his attempt to eat the Belly Buster at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA, an enormous hamburger made with 15 pounds of ground meat and clocking in at over 30,000 calories. The first person to ever finish it, Sciullo took four hours and 47 minutes to eat the whole thing. This is sort of an old story: Judging by the photos on the website of Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, this happened way back in October 2008.

Anyway, when asked what sort of challenge someone takes on after eating the world's largest hamburger, Sciullo says, "I want to start eating things that could maybe eat me back." He wants to fight and eat a live shark: With a small knife he'd "cut into its gills, drag it out onto land and eat it. All of it. Starting with its heart."

Video: The Colbert Report 'Eating the Distance' Part Two

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