Paula Deen on Conan O'Brien

conan-paula-deenWhat do you get when you combine Paula Deen, Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter (wearing lady jeans), and Gary Shandling into one late-night cooking segment? Conan drinking straight from the bottle and "Grab yer nuts!" jokes from Paula Deen. She also repeats a somewhat off-color joke about Jews that Gary Shandling told her that probably shouldn't have made it on to TV. "She clearly doesn't understand the boundary that what's said out in the parking lot..." says Shandling.

Video: Paula Deen on Conan Part 1

Video: Paula Deen on Conan Part 2

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  1. Jerry from Montana

    I've seen Conan have cooks on his show before and he usually makes no effort (or hardly any) to follow the recipe or procedures. If it's a good cook then the contrast between Conan acting like an idiot and the competent cook makes for fun television.

    I can imagine that a cook with wooden spoon up their butt might get snotty about it, but Paula handled that with a sense of humor. I liked Shandling's "rolling" joke.

  2. Doc

    Four people on stage working with food, and none of them are cooks.

  3. Josh

    ^^^^mad no one likes his fried chicken

  4. Jed

    Somewhat off-color? I found it very offensive... There's no way that should have made it to TV.

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