Robo Chef: Episode One of Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe


Episode one of Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe webisode series hit YouTube, and it's (gulp) better than we could ever imagine. It all makes sense. In this episode, the mad scientist Bourdain builds a robot that can replace television cooking show hosts, using parts like Mario Batali's "powerful legs and thighs," Manson eyeballs, and "combat chesticles."

Here at cooking channel, the days of the high ticket, high maintenance chefs are over... For some time now, we've been developing our own talent... And through the magic of media training and genetic modification, making them into stars... Even they got too expensive, Timmy. All that time, all that investment, and then they go off and get their own morning talk show. Where's the loyalty? Where? We're going to build our own! Why wait for these ungrateful humans to crawl out of their petri dishes to stab us in the back?

Video: Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe: ROBO CHEF

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  1. kristin

    OMG That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Great way to let people know what you *really* think Tony! Looking forward to more~

  2. JarJarDrinks

    Meh...clever body of water, but a shark-jump all the same...

  3. Pat Gibbs

    Loved it! Travel on with this Tony.

  4. dav

    I think Jeff Corvin will start taking over the spots soon.

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