RoboBees! Harvard to Create Robotic Bees


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The National Science Foundation has awarded $10 million to Harvard researchers to create a coordinated colony of robotic bees, a project they're calling Robobees. While they won't be stinging anyone or making honey just yet, the aim of the project is to research and develop technology for "body, brain, and colony." Meaning miniature robotics, aeromechanical design, compact high-energy sources, sensors and electronic "nervous systems" that can react to its environments, communication methods, and individual AI and collective hive mentality.

Applications of this kind of technology are pretty endless. And while it's not a stated goal, it's good to know that just in case Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder totally decimates the bee population, robots might be able to step in and pollinate our crops.

Update: Here's a news report on the robotic bees:

Video: News Report on Robotic Bees

[Harvard via Switched]

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  1. Art

    No No No... not spies.... we need them to POLLINATE! POLLINATE! POLLINATE! They need to tune to a pollen rich light THEN tune to a non pollen rich light... both lightfronts having a common characteristic to the specific flower. For example, peas (how Mendellian) absorbe a certain amount and type of IR and reflect a certain type of IR.... or/and UV.... well... using an AND function program lines should be " if IRPEA + IRPOLLEN = TRUE then GOTO TRUE." Then, "if CONTACT THEN SWITCH TO: FIND IRPEA + IRNOPOLLEN" Then, "if CONTACT THEN SWITCH TO...." and so on."

    IRPEA= robot recognizes the pea plant.
    IRPOLLEN= robot recognizes the pollen.
    therefore IRPEA + IRPOLLEN = robot recognizes the pea plant with pollen!
    CONTACT= the robot nose in the center of it's swab has touched the flower of the pea plant!

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