Sandra Lee Has Had it With All You Haters

sandra-lee-interview-small-2In a video interview with Walletpop promoting her upcoming appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Sandra Lee bizarrely goes out against store or generic brands, dispenses advice on chopped garlic, blah blah. And then, right at the end, she interrupts the interviewer and drops the hammer on all you haters out there, trying to make the case that her semi-homemade techniques are just as "foodie" and valid and awesome as anything else out there:

A lot of people think that foodies are this huge, elitist group in the sky that are there to critique and to judge. Can I tell you? If you eat, you're a foodie. If you have an opinion about what you're tasting, that makes you a foodie. Your job in life is to enjoy your life. So whatever makes it easier, faster, and more wonderful, that you can enjoy your life by, God bless you.

Video: Sandra Lee Smackdown

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Amy

    Oh Aunt Sandy, so misguided. Who knew she could be so... angry?

  2. maus

    "If you eat, you're a foodie."


    "If you have an opinion about what you're tasting, that makes you a foodie"

    That's why your fans aren't foodies, Sandra. Granted, she's not alone, there are plenty of other shows on Food Network that draw the less culinarily adventurous. Though really, as much as people hate on Rachael Ray, Sandra's queen bee of the worst of them.

  3. If Shamdra wants to be taken seriously, tell her to break out a bag of flour every now and then instead of plopping canned icing ("plumber's putty") on those wretched angel food sponges she buys in the supermarket.

    Is she really going to "help" these people?? OMG, they are doomed to diabetes and high blood pressure.

    Sandra knows how to run a food bank? First, someone needs to show her proper food!

  4. Since when does "easier and faster" define a wonderful life or the enjoyment of food? It's the process that can be as rewarding as the end result. Prepping, cooking, and enjoying the wonderful & creative combinations of fresh, quality ingredients doesn't have to take a long time OR be really expensive. As an added benefit busy Moms could enjoy the calming effects and joyful rewards of using fresh & unprocessed ingredients WHILE feeding their children nourishing and delicious foods that can encourage a lifelong appreciation for real food & quality ingredients. No one says you can't serve fresh & authentic food in matching yellow ducky bowls that match the yellow gingham curtains and apron that you bought the entire stock of on HSN...if you think that makes life "easier, faster, and more wonderful".

    Q: Hasn't semi-homemade been done already? A: Yes... it's called the 50s & 60s!!!

    Just pick up a copy of any 'Back-of-Boxes Recipes' of which there are a multitude at yard sales... it will save you the time of actually having to watch Miss Lee's show... thereby making your life easier...faster...and obviously...BETTER!

  5. Jason

    I don't think there is anything wrong with taking short cuts. Busy people cannot make things from scratch 3 meals a day 5 days a week. If it taste good that's all that matters if you are a real foodie.

  6. cheekymonkay

    I don't understand her rant against generic brands. Lots of "brand name" companies have some sort of private label program where they supply the same kind of product to retailers who then market under their own brands. Also, how the hell can you tell if one soup is better than another just by looking at the can? How about actually tasting both and then deciding? Oh, but then that would require a sense of taste. And, as many people lovingly point out, Lee doesn't seem to have any.

  7. Josh

    Sandra has her place. The fact is making dinner from scratch after working 9-5 is another job, and thats not even counting child care, homework, housework, etc, etc.
    I am glad to see some people can simultaneously push a get back in the kitchen and make me a cake mind set, while still deriding the cake recipe. Truely we have evolved.

  8. Katie

    When I heard that woman say that she didn't need lessons on desserts and cakes and such from Le Cordon Bleu because she "already knew how to do that" I was appalled. I mean, really? Come on...

    I understand that cooking a meal from scratch after a full day of work is hard but not impossible and it can certainly be enjoyable. My husband gets in the kitchen with me and we talk and laugh and have a great time while cooking great, nutritional meals. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I don't understand why anyone would want to feed the crap this woman pushes to your children and family.

    So Sandra, no need to be so angry at us haters. And we don't necessarily hate YOU (let's face it, we don't know her personally) but we hate everything you stand for: mass consumption of empty calories, fat and preservatives and then lying to everyone's face and pretend "you made it from scratch". No honey, no one will believe that.

  9. Katie

    Sandra's points, in my opinion, are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive. As above posters have pointed out, the process of making and eating good food is enjoyable to many people, or "foodies," by Sandra's own terminology. When you take shortcuts, crazy divergences and wind up essentially just shellacking something you bought all in the name of "getting this food preparation thing over with as fast as possible," then you're not somebody who truly enjoys good food, or again, a "foodie."

  10. Say What?

    I can make a roast chicken dinner in less than two hours.

    She's a shill and a hack taking people's money with ideas that are not that cheap, practical or even original.

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