Scary Anthropomorphic Foods Promote the British Food Standards Agency


These series of short promos for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in England show healthy foodstuffs talking with their unhealthy counterparts, ostensibly to promote Family Supercooks, a program about eating healthily.

For example, a dried apricot talks trash with a regular apricot, telling him, "You've got a face like a backside." In another promo, a skinless drumstick demands that the regular drumstick "get naked, lose the skin... get sexy." The "Scary Ketchup" video stands out, what with the psychotic ketchup threatening to "slowly smother" a fishstick (or "fish finger" as they call it over there). It's all so very creepy and... British.

Video: Scary Ketchup w/ Fishstick

Video: Nuts

Video: Potatoes

Video: Pizza

Video: Apricots

Video: Sausages

Video: Drumsticks

Video: Beans

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. ELM

    These make me never want to eat again. SO CREEPY.

  2. Stephen

    so so funny

  3. Hum

    The problem with British diet is not choosing some healthier alternatives.
    It is the (modern) British diet itself which is the real problem.

  4. Bonzo

    Love these. Confused by the apricots -- which one is unhealthy?

  5. Bonzo

    Ok. After a few hours of reflection on the topic, I realize that fresh apricots can not be unhealthy. But are dried apricots unhealthy? I suppose it depends on how they're made.

  6. Ren

    These ads are so cute! I love British humor, but if there's an educational component to the ads I think I'm missing it. Is one slice of pizza really much healthier than another, or one bean over another because it's unsalted? And is it really the ketchup on top of a fish finger that makes it unhealthy rather than the grease it was fried in? I think the British may stay unhealthy even after seeing these ads!

  7. sara

    ....I'm English. and I have never once seen these ads on tv. I'd like to think we had better humour...

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