Sous Vide for the Masses: The SousVide Supreme

sous-vide-machineNow you can finally get your molecular gastronomy on — at home — with the SousVide Supreme, the self-proclaimed "World's Finest Water Oven." You'll still need to get a vacuum sealer, but at a "special introductory" price of $399, it's a more affordable option instead of thermal circulators that normally start at around $1000, and certainly easier than hacking one yourself. Interesting that the videos on the website promote the health aspects of sous vide cooking instead of it as inexpensive access to a technique normally exclusive to restaurants.

In an interview with Heston Blumenthal (unabashedly shilling for the product), he told 7x7 that he thinks "the sous vide machine has been the most important development in the professional kitchen in decades." So there. Blumenthal is such a big fan of the technique that he once cooked a whole pig, sous vide, in a hot tub. Preorders for the SousVide Supreme being Friday October 23rd.

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