South Park: Billy Mays' Chipotlaway [video]


Last night's mid-season premiere of South Park took on the recently-deceased infomercial pitchman Billy Mays with an infomercial for Chipotlaway, a product designed to clean the blood stains out of underwear caused by Chipotle's "fiery" burritos:

If you're like other Americans, you love to eat Chipotle, but you hate all those terrible blood stains in your underwear... Well now there's a product that can even clean even blood stains caused by Chipotle right off your underwear. Chipotlaway. Just one Chipotle burrito can leave up to a quarter cup of underwear blood. But Chipotlaway makes your underwear clean and ready for more. Stop buying new underwear every time you eat Chipotle. That can cost you thousands... Imagine having underwear so clean you could practically eat off of it. Now you can eat all the Chipotle you want, and still have sparkling underwear.

Cartman, unsurprisingly, is a fan of the product ("that product changed my life"). Kyle asks the important questions: "Why the hell would you keep eating something that makes you crap blood?" and later "Your mom uses Chipotlaway to clean blood stains out of your underwear. And then takes you to Chipotle and buys you more?"

Video: South Park: Billy Mays' Chipotlaway

Update: Chipotle told The Live Feed: "Being spoofed on South Park certainly says something about our popularity with that audience, but we didn’t have anything to do with the content. Some people will find it funny, others will not. But ultimately, being part of the pop culture conversation is probably a good thing."

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  1. One problem: Chipotle's burritos are anything but fiery.

  2. Emily

    Product placement at its finest.

  3. Jay

    Hilarious! I could definitely use some Chipotlaway and those burritos are delicious!

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