Stephen Colbert: 'The Latest Civil Rights Struggle in America is Weightism'

colbert-obesityAfter learning that the health care bill has an amendment that mandates lower premiums to people who lose weight, Stephen Colbert went on a genius tirade, calling it "pro-skinny legislation" and saying that the latest civil rights struggle in America is "weightism":

The government's really sending really mixed messages: first they subsidize corn, making it so cheap we can gorge on high fructose corn syrup, then they charge us more for health insurance just because our organs have caramelized. Well I'm sorry, but our bodies our the only growth industry America has left. China may have 1.4 billion people, but I doubt they outweigh the combined residents of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Being overweight is as American as eating a whole apple pie. And we're the majority folks, 67% of the population is either overweight or obese, the scales are literally tipped in our favor.

He then brings on Amy Farrell, author of the book Fat Shame, to talk about the government's attempt to "socially engineer through legislation":

Video: Stephen Colbert on Weightism

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  1. I enjoyed the irony of this clip being sponsored by Wendy's.

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