The Chewable Gumball Foosball Table

soccer-ball-candy-foosball-smallCheck out the analog gaming world's latest attempt to lure kids away from the Wii: It's Gumball Foosball, "the only foosball game that is played with chewable gumballs!"

Where for decades a regular plastic ball has been more than sufficient, our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer have for no apparent reason fused sticky, sugary chewing gum with tabletop soccer. We can imagine the boardroom conversation. "Kids like foosball, and kids like eating candy, what if they could eat the foosball? Brilliant!"

$1500 gets you a "shatterproof, tempered glass cover that keeps the gumball in play and playing surface clean" and 1,700 multi-flavored gumballs. Dear candy, no need to become functional, you're already candy.


[Hammacher Schlemmer via Random Good Stuff]

Erin Griffith

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