The Speak n' Brew: The Talking Coffee Maker [video]

speak-n-brew-coffee-makerEver wished you could talk to your kitchen appliances? Me neither, but now you can! Primula has released the Speak n’ Brew, a talking coffeemaker that rivals Rosie from The Jetsons. It couldn’t be more unnecessary, but yet somehow it appeals to the robot-loving 80s kid inside all of us.

With the bold claim that "Getting up just got a little easier," the Speak n’ Brew is "the first voice-interactive coffee maker" that lets your program the timer with your voice. And while it does fit into the category of "innovation" — in that it's a new type of user interface not found in other appliances (no buttons to push!) — at $79.99 (Amazon), we'd expect internet or at least Twitter connectivity.

Ultimately, the Speak n’ Brew seems like a relic of those frivolous pre-recession days, when extra dough for talking appliances was totally in the budget. Now it just seems a little silly. Here's an exclusive Eat Me Daily video of the Speak n' Brew in action:

Video: The Speak n' Brew in Action

Erin Griffith

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