Upcoming: Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked Video Game

cook-or-be-cooked-box-artComing November 3, 2009 is the Food Network's Cook or Be Cooked video game by Namco for the Nintendo Wii ($39.99, preorder at Amazon). Cook or Be Cooked appears to a more "professional" version of the Cooking Mama series of games, but it really couldn't go any lower than the trainwreck that was Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Wii.

While we reserve judgment — a review is forthcoming — Cook or Be Cooked does indeed have promise. It's aim is partially instructive, and was made in association with Michael Symon, who kind of stakes his reputation on it, telling Wired: "I started getting involved with the game when they wanted for me to see how realistic it is... From someone who cooks every day of their life, I think they nailed it." Also, check out the digital Susie Fogelson and that enormous lasagna!

Video: Cook or Be Cooked Gameplay

Video: Cook or Be Cooked Commercial












—Raphael Brion

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  1. Sabayon

    I get most video games: first-person shooters are fun because we don't really get to run around warehouses killing each other. Flight simulators are fun because we don't usually get to be WWII dogfighters. RPGs are fun because we don't usually have magical powers or access to a princess.

    I don't get cooking video games. I'd rather walk fifteen steps away from my Wii and cook an actual steak.

  2. hitme

    This is great! Finally you can learn to cook without burning anything, cutting yourself, or totally ruining the meal. I think this is a great tool and it looks fun. Can't wait till it comes out. I'm sending it to everyone on my holiday shopping list. After all, who isn't a Food Network fan? And to answer the question above. I know my kids will love it. I can let them "in the kitchen" without supervision for a change.

  3. porkbelly

    This game came out 4 years ago, it was called cooking momma.

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