Your Cupcakes Are Too Small: The Big Top Cupcake [video]


Sad about how tiny your cupcakes are? Boy, does Global TV Concepts understand. They've come up with the Big Top Cupcake (warning: site makes lots of noise) to solve all your cupcake size concerns. Two giant silicon molds form the base and the top of the cupcake, and an optional filling mold allows you to put your favorite non-cake sweets into the middle.

Full of desperate children clamoring for ever-larger cupcakes (UP TO 25X BIGGER THAN A REGULAR CUPCAKE) and the added bonus of 3-D animal cookie cutters (which are actually very cool), this infomercial is either a shining beacon of hope during dark cupcake days, or a sure sign of cupcake apocalypse.

Video: Big Top Cupcake

[via Best Week Ever]

—Paula Forbes

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  1. When you make a cupcake that is larger than a cupcake, it is just a regular cake.

  2. Moira

    Pretending that a regular cake is a single-serving cupcake could be one more reason why we are fat.

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