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NYC Subway Car Full of Apples [video]

Here's a PSA for City Harvest in which a New York City subway train opens its doors and releases a few hundred thousand apples onto the platform (it's CGI, don't worry). It's supposed to serve as a reminder that food is wasted every day. Made by The Mill NY for Draftfcb New York. Shoot Online [...]

Linksplodge 11/30/09

Above, landmine ketchup packets by Publicis Mojo.
From a WSJ story on bagel cutters: "Chicken-related injuries (3,463) led the category, but recorded bagel injuries were otherwise exceeded only by potato, apple and onion injuries"

Wikipedia on Controversial doughnut-related items.
Will Self has been reviewing fast food locations for the New Statesman. This time it was KFC. It starts: [...]

Family Guy Takes on Animal Rights [video]

After drunkenly running over a dog, Brian (a dog himself), guilt-ridden, holds an animal rights meeting, showing a video that demonstrates animals being treated as second-class citizens: there's cosmetic research, veal burgers being made (above), and a dog being left alone at home, forced to listen to NPR. The audience, after finding out that people [...]

Scientists Bioengineer Pork Meat in a Laboratory

Source image by Kent Wang.
Backed by a sausage manufacturer and the Dutch government, scientists in the Netherlands have successfully grown artificial pork meat in the laboratory for the first time, reports the Times Online. Using cells extracted from the muscles of a live pig, which were then incubated in a nutrient-rich solution, the cells were [...]

Hamburger Macaron = YAY AWESOME

Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
For Thanksgiving, I used my newfound macaron-making skills to froth up a batch of coffee-buttercream-filled delights. As my dad noted, the toasty brown cookies looked awfully like hamburger buns, something Mike of Sky Full of Bacon had noted about my earlier batch as well. So I did what I [...]

Cupcake Dress 'With Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top'

Some might argue that this is in fact not a dress, but instead a tunic, shirt, or blouse. But someone, somewhere, is paying a woman to live out this cupcake fetish. $175 on Etsy.

Alice Waters Needs to Find a More Environmentally-Friendly Way to Cook an Egg

Maira Kalman's latest illustration-y opinion blog post "Back to the Land" is, as expected, charming if a bit preachy (Fast food bad! Schoolyard gardens good! Something about democracy?). Also, a visit to Alice Waters' house apparently means that she will cook you a single egg in a wood-fired oven like she did back in March [...]

The Soup Imagines the Ultimate Reality Show: 'Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking'

Mocking TLC's reality shows (ostensibly "The Learning Channel"), The Soup imagines the "ultimate in fringe reality programming," a mashup with huge ratings potential: "Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking."

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