Alice Waters Needs to Find a More Environmentally-Friendly Way to Cook an Egg


Maira Kalman's latest illustration-y opinion blog post "Back to the Land" is, as expected, charming if a bit preachy (Fast food bad! Schoolyard gardens good! Something about democracy?). Also, a visit to Alice Waters' house apparently means that she will cook you a single egg in a wood-fired oven like she did back in March on 60 Minutes for Leslie Stahl. Kalman writes, "When Alice cooks an egg it is no ordinary event." And it's true, because when most people cook eggs, trees don't have to die.

—Raphael Brion

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  1. seafilm

    Perhaps Waters is heating her house while cooking the egg.

  2. 10001

    Oh Alice. Your carbon footprint, off the charts.

  3. BS

    You do realize that wood is a renewable resource, right?

  4. E.L.M.

    Alice needs to stop with that stupid fucking spoon and the stupid fucking egg. We get it. Your friend the artisan lady-blacksmith made you a special device on which you cook your special eggs in the special fire. This doesn't make you special. It makes you unlikeable, which makes her message less palatable. Someone needs to ball up enough to tell Queen Alice that she's running the kingdom into the ground.

  5. Jerry from Montana

    The idea that Alice went through all of the hassle of building a fire in a fireplace just to cook an egg is laughable.

    If you have a fire going already to heat your house, instead of firing up the stove, why not cook the egg over the fire, that you have going already to heat your house.

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