AM Linksplodge 11/16/09


  • Above, the history of Coca Cola bottles. via Pixdaus.
  • In Lyon, France, David Lebovitz received cheese in leiu of change from a bus driver.
  • McSweeney's: Reviews of new food. On 100-calorie cookies: "It's similar in consistency to sand, but it doesn't remind me of days spent languorously watching waves lap the shore. Rather, it reminds me of this one time my friend dared me to eat dirt."
  • Cheddar cheese in Britain is more likely to come from Latvia than from the area from which it takes its name. Sneaky labeling allows packaging to say "Packed in the UK," with no requirements to state country of origin.
  • Toronto Life rounds up those listicles of things customers and servers should never do into an epic meta 700 things listicle. Can we stop with those now?

  • In Virginia, stingrays are taking over. So they eat them.
  • Slate answers if we can drink water from other planets.
  • Burger Business interviews Richard Blais: "We’ve never had anything that was a total dog, that doesn’t sell. Sometimes it’s the verbiage [on the menu]."
  • LA Times on mommie bloggers selling out. Schrambling tweets: "Just what women need in 2009: to be perceived as easily manipulated hoors. Why aren't "daddy bloggers" seduced?"
  • Jay Rayner drops a zinger in his review of the Pigalle Club in London: "A smoked salmon terrine was accomplished dinner-party food, as long as the dinner party was held in 1974."


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