AM Linksplodge 11/17/09


Paho Mann, "Re-inhabited Circle K: Carniceria Cuerrero," Phoenix, AZ, 2006. Via

  • Above, from Paho Mann's "Re-inhabited Circle Ks" photo series. [via mefi]
  • The AV Club interviews Jonathan-Safran-Foer.
  • NYT Science section on Nathan Myhrvold's epic cookbook project that has a staff of fifteen working on it: "Originally planned as a 300-page discussion of sous vide... the book has swelled to 1,500 pages that will also cover microbiology, food safety, the physics of heat transfer on the stove and in the oven, formulas for turning fruit and vegetable juices into gels, and more."
  • The term "koodie," as defined by Phil Lempert, the "Supermarket Guru": "A kid keenly interested in food, especially eating, cooking or watching reruns of Julia Child. A kid who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a mini-gourmet; usually trained by one or both parents to have an unusual, and sometimes fanatic, desire to eat unusual foods..." [via SFGate]


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