Andy Rooney Would Like You to Work Your Ass Off on Thanksgiving

andy-rooney-60-minutes-thanksgivingLast night on 60 Minutes Andy Rooney shared his thoughts on Thanksgiving: "We ought to do things that remind us of the virtues of the pilgrims. To begin with, we should go back to fixing Thanksgiving dinner the old-fashioned way. No mixes, no frozen food, nothing canned. There were no A&Ps in Plymouth in 1621." Which to Rooney means no stuffing mix (make your own bread he professes), no canned cranberry jelly, and no canned pumpkin. Also, even though he wonders whether or not the Pilgrims had ice cream, he would like you to make your own. Using what he calls an "ice cream freezer."

Video: Andy Rooney on Thanksgiving

—Raphael Brion

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  1. yalingster

    I don't 100% agree with everything he says, only because not a lot of people have the time for every single dish that he has mentioned. However he does make a great point with most of what he is saying.

  2. Helen

    I can never tell when Andy Rooney is wearing his "droll satirical humorist" hat and when he's wearing his "cranky old man opposed to change" hat. Pretty sure he can't tell either.

    • Moira

      I heard him last night, and it sounded like he was cranky. His complaint seemed to be that people served Thanksgiving dinners that he does not approve of.

      Authenticity is obviously not an issue for him: not only did the pilgrims not have ice ream in any form, any bread stuffing they may have had was made with a recipe that starts: "Plow field." And if Rooney had read any food-history books, he would have known that the early settlers in fact had frozen food - that was one of the ways to preserve meat throughout the winter.

  3. Babs

    I wonder how many Thanksgiving Dinners he has cooked? Seriously, I bet he sits on the sofa the entire time waiting for the WOMEN to do all the work - and here he is lecturing us?! Retire old man.

  4. Ellen


    I was thinking the very same thing. I've yet to go to a Thanksgiving celebration in which men did anything remotely like half the preparation. Once in a while one guy has a special dish or a special cocktail and expects all this fuss and fanfare about it. But the bulk of the work is done by women. I've witnessed plenty of Thanksgivings in which what the men did, was sit on the couch, drink beer and watch football. So hey, let's celebrate genocide with a festival of patriarchy and serve a main dish that tastes like plywood.

    I like seeing friends. I like the side dishes. The rest of the holiday is tiresome enough without some crank telling us what we SHOULD do.

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