Angelina Jolie's New Film Salt Is Not an Adaptation of Mark Kurlansky's Book Salt


Service journalism! The new Angelina Jolie movie Salt is not an adaptation of Mark Kurlansky's Salt: A World History (Amazon). While Kurlansky's book is one of the seminal single-subject tomes (about the history of salt, duh), the film Salt features Angelina Jolie playing Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper spy. Out July 23rd, 2010. The More You Know!

Video: Salt Trailer

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. Really. When I heard the name of the film a few weeks ago, I immediately wondered how they were planning to dramatize that book.

  2. I can't wait to see Angelina Jolie as Cod!

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