Anthony Bourdain Back in Bed With the Food Network


Mergers and acquisitions! Scripps Networks Interactive Inc., owner of the Food Network, HGTV, and the upcoming Cooking Channel, agreed to buy a controlling stake in the Travel Channel, reports Bloomberg. Anthony Bourdain originally got his start on television with the Food Network series A Cook's Tour that ran for two seasons, later decamping to the Travel Channel to host the similar program No Reservations. In this video from 2007, Bourdain describes why he left the Food Network:

They wanted to do barbecue shows and ranch shows and chili taste offs... I did not choose to pursue the career path of the pony ride and the tailgate party... I was having fun making the show, and we looked around for an even more credulous network to give us bigger budgets to keep doing the same thing and give us complete creative control to do disturbing dysfunctional bipolar television... I have pretty much as close to final cut as anyone who's ever worked in television has.

Will Bourdain's new corporate overlords tolerate his expensive travel show? Will they accept his cartoon webisodes that mock their roster of stars? And what about Food Network's No Reservations knockoff, Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin? Reasonably, we fear the worst.

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  1. kristin

    I fear Hell has frozen over.

  2. Johnson

    Lots of other networks out there: Cartoon Network? Discovery? Even HBO! Then Bourdain can swear all he wants

  3. Joel

    Discovery should love to pick him up. I hope Scripps doesn't screw with No Reservations.

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