Anthony Bourdain's Turkey Tips

bourdain-turkeyHere's a video clip from the December 2007 "Holiday Special" episode of No Reservations, with a pretty rare sight: Anthony Bourdain actually cooking. His turkey advice: cook the legs separately and use a massive amount of butter (Travel Channel has recipes). Who else but Bourdain would drop lines like "Dismembering a turkey is much like dismembering a human actually, you just find the little space between the bones. Don't need no power saw." and "Garlic, by the way, never anywhere near turkey. Christmas turkey with garlic in it makes me want to kill Santa."

Video: Turkey Tips from Anthony Bourdain

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  1. 10001

    Bourdain needs his own cooking show. Enough with the cartoons Tony!

  2. I wouldn't eat a human any more than I'd eat a turkey.

  3. Ellen

    A cooking show? Seems too minor, too trite a format to contain the likes of Bourdain.

    But I'm thinking of a variant of that food 911 thing that Tyler Florence did years ago. Remember how he'd go into the homes of people who were having cooking emergencies? Yeah?

    Well with Bourdain, he'd show up in the homes of people who were having more existential emergencies, people who were wondering, what is the point of life and why don't I have one?

    And Bourdain? He'd show them how to live. He'd take them on a road trip. He'd get drunk with them. He'd get them singing and partying way outside of their usual comfort zone. He'd philosophize n' 'splain it all to them. Maybe, if there was time, they'd all do a little cooking.

    I think it would be great.

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