Bid on Dinner and Lunch at Martha Stewart's House [omfg]

martha-auctions-smallTo support The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Mission, anyone with a deep wallet (or a high credit card limit! Some debt can be good debt!) can bid on actual meals with Martha Stewart hosted at her actual home. There are two items on the block: the first is a dinner party hosted by Martha Stewart at her Bedford home; the second is a tour of her gardens followed by a lunch, also hosted by her. Charitable! Also, likely delicious.

The Dinner Party Thrown by Martha Stewart (currently at $2,750, estimated value $2,500, auction ends Nov 10):

An unforgettable experience- having you and your friends wined and dined by the woman who wrote the book on entertaining. Martha will host you and five of your friends at her beautiful Bedford, New York farm, Cantitoe Corners. Her favorite chef, Pierre Schaedelin, executive chef and partner at Benoit will create a spectacular menu tailored just for you.

Terms: Includes: a gourmet dinner for six at Cantitoe Farm, Martha's home in Bedford, prepared by Pierre Schaedelin, chef at famed Benoit and one of Martha's favorites.

The second: Personal Tour of Martha’s Gardens and lunch with Martha on the farm (currently at $2,000, estimated value $10,000, auction ends Nov 18):

Bring five of your friends to Cantitoe Corners, Martha’s home in Bedford, New York for the exclusive opportunity to tour Martha’s legendary gardens with her and gardener Shaun Kass. Afterwards, Martha will host a picturesque lunch on the farm for you and your friends.

Terms: Includes: a tour for six of Martha Stewart's gardens in Cantitoe Farm, Martha's home in Bedford, led by Martha and her personal Gardner, Shaun Kass. Based on a mutually agreeable time.

Also, see the Six-Week Paid Internship at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (estimated value: $3,600, but you get paid!), and Perform a Segment on The Martha Stewart Show On-Air with Martha Herself! (estimated value: $10,000).

Maybe if you're sneaky you can be like Conan O'Brien and try to plant cans of PBR in Martha's fridge.

—Raphael Brion

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