CBS News Sunday Morning Food Special ADHD Edition

cbs-sunday-morningCBS Sunday Morning aired their annual "Food Issue," and they managed to cram a lot into an hour and a half: Sliders, Judith Jones, Alton Brown, mac n cheese, pie for life, Mexican hot dogs, and more. All of the available videos are embedded below.

Sadly, most of the videos aren't online, but the articles give you the gist:

  • Lead feature on food banks. (story, video not online)
  • Behind the scenes with Alton Brown, who was (gasp) topless for a few seconds. (story, video not online)
  • Bobby Flay goes to White Rose in Linden, New Jersey to investigate sliders. (story, video not online)
  • Judith Jones on cooking for one. (story, video not online)
  • Gourmet Mac n Cheese at restaurants including New York City's Mac Bar. They go to the Waverly Inn and make Truffled Macaroni and Cheese. (story, video not online)
  • As featured in the documentary Pressure Cooker, Wilma Stephenson at Frankford High School in Philadelphia teaches a culinary arts class with an "iron fist." (story, video)
  • Knifemaker Bob Kramer, one of only 114 Master Bladesmiths in the world, sells his knives for $300 an inch. (video)
  • Pie for Life at Royer's Cafe in Round Top, Texas. (story, video)
  • Father Leo Patalinghug preaches a "tasty but serious message" with his show and cookbook, Grace Before Meals. (video)
  • Mo Rocca on Mexican hot dogs. (video)

Video: Tough Love In The Kitchen

Video: The Cutting Edge

Video: Pie For Life

Video: A Meal That's Divine

Video: How Far Would You Go For A Hot Dog?

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