Eight Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos [you're doing it wrong]


Under the sparkle and shine of every holiday lurks a certain amount of evil: The 4th of July has fireworks accidents, Christmas has decorative light electrical fires, Valentine's Day has awkward romantic gestures. Thanksgiving should be safe, apart from the inherent danger of simply being around your relatives for a full day. Safe, that is, until it occurred to someone to drop a whole turkey into a vat of molten peanut oil. And then oops, FIRE. A word to this wise? Defrost the turkey all the way, and dry that sucker off.

Below, eight videos of idiots nearly sending themselves, their homes, and their loved ones up in turkey-flavored flameballs (as well as a few staged explosions) listed in order from least to most flames.


8. Birdseye View of a Flameball

This is why you do it outside.


7: Flameball with Playground

Note the child in the background covering his/her eyes.


6: What Not to Do

Just some firefighters setting a turkey on fire. For your safety, of course.


5: A Special Turkey Day

Due to the Archimedes Principle, you are burning the house down.


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  1. Curtis L

    That is some very serious internet.

  2. Lilac

    Wow, I never even knew about deep-fried turkey until this day... roll on 26th November!

  3. dav

    lol, entertaining; its a spectator sport. They should do this in Iron Chef or something.

    Most of the time people heat up the oils to their smoke point! Use a temp gauge and it'll never turn into a volcano.

  4. Okuma

    ALWAYS take the utmost precaution when frying turkey. It's unbelievably delicious when done right, and downright deadly when done by morons. Agreed if you're going to fry turkey, check out the links to the Alton Brown videos at the bottom of the article. Granted you don't have to be as safe as he does, but use the rest of these vids as examples of what NOT to do.

  5. Algonkin

    I do this often...the problem with most people is that:

    1) They don't pat dry the turkey. Water and hot oil = no no
    2) Do it far away from the house
    3) Make sure the ground is level so that the burner can be sturdy on its legs
    4) Obeserve weather conditions ... don't deep fry a bird when it rains or snows.
    5) Dip the turkey very very slowly. An inch at a time if necessary.

  6. Orion

    I've had deep-fried turkey a few times and I don't really even like it. It was oily and dry and didn't cook evenly, IMO. I always stick my turkeys in a bag in the oven and they come out great every time. The oil, the mess, the fire hazard...I don't know why people bother.

  7. bobbcat

    It would never occur to me to deep-fry a turkey. As mentioned before, all that oil, the mess just aren't worth it. Baking it in the oven is far preferable, easier, with less muss and fuss. Our turkeys always come out delicious each and every year. Skip the deep-fry bit, I say..........

  8. bad bob

    we've fried turkeys now for years, and never had any problems. And they are, indeed, delicious. Orion, I don't think you ever had it done right, it's nothing like you describe.

    The main thing is to actually follow directions, and take the kind of safety precautions any sane person would when dealing with large amounts of boiling oil...

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