Elizabeth Hurley's Organic Beef Jerky [not a joke]

hurley-jerkeyWe've been telling friends for years that supermodel-slash-bikini designer Elizabeth Hurley really ought to start a line of beef jerky, and it's about damn time. Elizabeth Hurley’s Guilt Free Snacks made their debut yesterday at Harrod's in London, selling air-dried jerky made from organic beef that Hurley raises herself on her certified-organic Gloucester farm.

We learn from her website that she "grew to love beef jerky while living in California, where it is as readily available as candy." The jerky is supplemented by Hurley-branded fruit-and-oat bars (all under 100 calories, natch), and she's hoping to roll out additional items like chips (er, crisps) and chocolate. If you prefer your meat un-dehydrated, Hurley raises Gloucestershire cattle and Gloucester Old Spot pigs on her 400-acre farm, and sells the meat at Cirencester Farmers Markets, as well as wholesale to restaurants. Obviously.

[Elizabeth Hurley Food via Modelina]

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