Hamburger Macaron = YAY AWESOME


Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily

For Thanksgiving, I used my newfound macaron-making skills to froth up a batch of coffee-buttercream-filled delights. As my dad noted, the toasty brown cookies looked awfully like hamburger buns, something Mike of Sky Full of Bacon had noted about my earlier batch as well. So I did what I had to do, and cobbled together a macaron-burger out of stuff I already had in the kitchen.


Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily

The buns: cocoa-tinted macarons.
The burger: a slice of dried plum.
The cheese: coffee buttercream.
The lettuce (the pickles?): green decorating sugar.
The mustard: a slice of dried apricot.
The ketchup: raspberry jam.
No tomatoes — they're unforgivably redundant with ketchup, even on a cookie.


Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily

It looked great, but dare I say it tasted even better — the dried fruit added a terrific chewiness that amplified the texture of the cookies, the raspberry jam and coffee frosting were a surprisingly great flavor combo, and the green sugar — much like actual lettuce or pickles on an actual burger — added a much-needed crunch.

—Helen Rosner

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  1. Paula Forbes

    Helen, you are my hero.

  2. "H-E-L-E-N R-O-S-N-E-R", correct, right?

    Gotta make sure I spell it correctly. Next tattoo and all.

  3. Very cool! Fabulous macaron!

  4. Stephanie

    soooooo cute! soooooo teeny!

  5. Awesome macarons, Helen! I got that macaron book too, so hopefully I can...uh, actually use it soon. I've made macarons before but they're intimidating. ;_;

  6. It's all about having a blast in the kitchen! Bonus that it tasted fab too.

  7. Christine

    Very nice! I may try to copy this.. :D

  8. so nice! a perfect combination of 2 things I love, burgers and macaron

  9. am1

    This is awesome!

  10. Here's another Mac with the lot made by a professional patisserie and chocolatier from Melbourne, Australia -

    You are definitely up there with him. Love your hamburger. Well done.

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